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Based in Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia, CAU Chocolate is made from scratch here. The Organic Chocolate Factory was formed to bring you high quality, organic, affordable, cacao based baking ingredients. All of our ingredients are sourced from sustainable farming practices and producers so you can enjoy the benefits of cacao for years to come.

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Our Certification Product

Sertifikat Organic From US Sertifikat Organic from Europe

Our Organic Chocolate Products

Chocolate Gold Series

Our Premium Chocolate Series with 5 Variant (Ginger, Coffee, Almond, Cashew and Mint)

Dark Chocolate Series

Our Premium Dark Chocolate Series with 80%, 70%, 75% with Palm Sugar, 60%, 55% & Milk

Vegan Series

Our Premium Vegan Series For Love with 5 Variant (Ginger, Coffee, Almond, Cashew and Mint)

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Chocolate Gold Series

Chocolate Gold Series is on of our main product.