Organic Drinking Chocolate 10 Kg

Ingredients: Organic processed cacao powder , coconut sugar and Balinese sea salt.

Trully raw organic cold processed drinking chocolate is a great testing, highly nutritious energy drink made from blend of our cold processed cacao powder and organic coconut traditional sugar. It brings the sweet warmth of hot chocolate full circle, by creating a true source of physical and mental healthy. Perfect alernative to the morning replace a cup of coffee/tea, as it wakes you up without the jitters. It is also a great mid-afternoon drink or pre-workout energy drink.

Additional Information :
Should always be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place such as a refrigerator or pantry with a temperature of less than 21 degrees celsius to ensure thee quality does not deteriorate.

Additional information

Weight10000 g

200 gr, 1 kg, 10 Kg